Elevator design customization is a modern, user-friendly online application. This digital self-service tool supports the building design process for architects, building planners, consultants, and facility managers by providing initial elevator dimensions and design preference outputs.

Three Steps to Create Your Elevator Design using EFFE elevator design app.

Follow these steps to easily personalize a perfect elevator for you.

1. Select a Car dimension

Choose from wide range of available dimensions to get started designing your elevator.

2. Customize your elevator

Select doors, lanterns, operating board, floor patter, ceiling and lights and more.

3. Save and place order

Save a high-resolution copy of your elevator design and place the order. Try it for free, simple registration and download or share the design for free.


Welcoming you to the EFFE Elevator Design Customization App! Searching for the ideal elevator design tool? EFFE Technology’s elevator design customization app provides you with a variety of options based on popular styles and appearances. Choose a car dimension, enter your design preference, and quickly personalize your elevator design.