Augmented Reality for Manufacturing Industry Reshaping Designs and SOP

Written by effetechnology

On April 20, 2022

Augmented Reality in training is already proving to be of great use to the industrial world and holds great potential for vastly improving productivity and reducing costs. AR has gained wide acceptance for assembly operations. Augmented application instructions help assembly workers in the automotive, semiconductor, and various other industries perform tasks effectively, quickly, and with fewer errors.

Echo Solar is a leading solar energy solutions provider specializing in high-efficiency PV module manufacturing and solar EPC solutions. EFFE delivers AR applications to exhibit their new launch product and its installation to their customers and distributors. This campaign increases their marketing efficiency and boosts sales.

Project Name: Augmented Reality for Manufacturing- ECHOSOLAR

Industry: Manufacturing

Need For Service

To develop an AR application on Solar panels to customize the product online and place orders.


EFFE created 3D Models of Solar Panels and integrated them with the website for online users. AR application is the ideal alternative to present different product modules and solutions to drive sales in the face of escalating energy demand.

Process – Augmented Reality for Manufacturing

We deliver immersive AR applications that improve performance across the value chain.

  • Idealize the objectives
  • Define functionality
  • 3D Modelling, Texturing & Lighting
  • Building interactions
  • Coding/Embedding
  • Hosting

Our Strength

EFFE Technology has an in-house 3D team with experts in real-life simulations. Our work on photo-realistic Lighting and texturing with perfect customization to clients’ requirements adds advantages to your compatible AR application. These AR applications are easy to integrate and require low maintenance with unlimited revisions.

Our Result

Our augmented reality application for the manufacturing industry improves real-time experiences and boosts sales.

EFFE Technology is a technology-driven app development company creating a revolution in the marketing industry and online platforms by delivering immersive and interactive user –experiences with customer engagement applications. We offer 3D Product Visualization, Application Development, Virtual Tryon, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Applications, 360 Virtual tours, web simulations, techno-marketing strategies, and high-quality user experiences to achieve the client’s business objectives.         

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