Learning Management System for Employee EHS Training and Management

Written by effetechnology

On November 2, 2021

A learning management system (LMS) can help improve learning by decreasing health and safety training costs, improving accessibility to learning materials throughout the organization and improving knowledge retention. There are many different LMS solutions on the market from various e-learning companies, making it difficult to make a good decision when searching for a new learning platform. If you are looking to implement the best LMS for health and safety training, EFFE Technology offers one of the best solutions.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö is one of the world’s leading players in sustainable and innovative fibre-based solutions.

Project Name: LMS App development- AHLS

Industry: Aviation Industry

Need for Service

To incorporate the LMS for e-Learning services in the Learning and Development departments.

Process – Learning Management System – LMS App Development Company

We create a result-oriented website design with robust architecture to support high performance.

  1. Idealize the objectives for successful application
  2. Perform market research
  3. Define functionality
  4. Create UX/UI web app designs
  5. Build wireframes and prototypes
  6. Validate the prototypes
  7. Choose the well-suited app technology
  8. Hosting the application onto the webserver
  9. Deployment

Our Strength

Our service on LMS is a perfect tool for all kinds of training in your business. It makes it easier to monitor each employee’s progress, measure time, track results, and review statistics. An LMS system can operate across all your business departments round the clock. These customized LMS applications are easily integrated and low maintenance with unlimited revisions.

Our Result – LMS App Development Company

The importance of education remains undisputed in the business world. Our LMS application results in financial growth and the personal development of your employees.

EFFE Technology, a technology-driven software development company, creating a revolution in the marketing industry and online platforms by delivering immersive and interactive user –experiences with customer engagement applications. Our services can help you to plan and deliver 3D USER EXPERIENCE to maximize scalability and performance.

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