Mixed Reality Application for Oil and Gas Simulation Training

Written by effetechnology

On April 20, 2022

MR solutions enable businesses to customize and implement the latest mixed reality technology in their industry, from industrial design to education, health care and entertainment industries. Mixed Reality solutions deliver optimized simulations with simplicity in mind, and our clients love the value they receive.

ESSAR Global Fund Limited creates value in the core sectors of Energy, Infrastructure & Logistics, Metals & Mining and Technology & Retail. Our mixed reality applications help to optimize the operational mechanism in the industry. This MR training solutions train employees to maintain workplace safety.

 Project Name: Oil and Gas Simulation Training-ESSAR

Industry: Manufacturing

Need For Service

To create and optimize operational safety using mixed reality applications.


EFFE created interactive virtual 3D objects that interact in real-time with your employee to ensure quality work. Our mixed reality services provide a personalized solution to your team across plants in every segment.

Process – Oil and Gas Simulation Training

Our Mixed reality solutions deliver a better user experience with simulated interactions.

  • Idealize the objectives
  • Define functionality
  • 3D Modelling, Texturing & Lighting
  • Building interactions
  • Coding/Embedding
  • Hosting

Our Strength

EFFE Technology has an in-house 3D team with experts in real-life simulations. Our works on photo-realistic Lighting and texturing with perfect customization to clients’ requirements adds advantages to your VR applications in the manufacturing industry These VR applications are easy to integrate and require low maintenance with unlimited revisions.

Our Result

Enhance internal production training and communication and maintains standard operating process at the workplace.

EFFE Technology is a technology-driven app development company creating a revolution in the marketing industry and online platforms by delivering immersive and interactive user –experiences with customer engagement applications. We offer 3D Product Visualization, Application Development, Virtual Tryon, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Applications, 360 Virtual tours, web simulations, techno-marketing strategies, and high-quality user experiences to achieve the client’s business objectives.                

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