Virtual Labs for Biology Experiments for Interactive Web Experience.

Written by effetechnology

On April 20, 2022

Interactive science simulations provide a chance to encounter real-life scenarios that portray the true event in the E-learning sector. Simulation in teaching and learning aids the comprehension & exploration of K12 topics and experiments. Virtual labs for biology simulation is the best tool to predict performance since it uses interactive designs and approaches for complicated challenges.

Blossoms education delivers learning tools and training modules for the holistic development of young minds to make learning more interesting and engaging. Our virtual lab simulation services improve the standard of education among school children.

Project Name: Simulation-Blossoms Education.

Industry: E-Learning

Need for Service

To create a web application of virtual lab for biology to study the anatomy of human organs.


We created a 3D human heart and integrated it into a virtual lab simulation platform. A virtual lab simulation application is the best interactive solution rather than video-based solutions to study the conduction system of the human heart.

Process – Virtual Labs for biology

Our virtual lab for biology concepts improves pedagogical learning through the following process.

  • Idealize the objectives
  • Define functionality
  • 3D Modelling, Texturing & Lighting
  • Building interactions
  • Coding/Embedding
  • Hosting

Our Strength

EFFE Technology has an in-house 3D team with experts in real-life simulations. Our works on photo-realistic Lighting and texturing with perfect customization to clients’ requirements adds advantages to your web AR applications in the E-learning industry. These Web AR applications are easy to integrate and require low maintenance with unlimited revisions.

Our Result

Interactive simulation experiments improve communication about complex medical concepts.

EFFE Technology is a technology-driven app development company creating a revolution in the marketing industry and online platforms by delivering immersive and interactive user –experiences with customer engagement applications. We offer 3D Product Visualization, Application Development, Virtual Tryon, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Applications, 360 Virtual tours, web simulations, techno-marketing strategies, and high-quality user experiences to achieve the client’s business objectives.                

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